MMMM Chapter 2 – May 2016

Hello everyone!

11145005_1036730349706801_3724618856808508109_oI hope you had a wonderful month. Life has been ridiculously busy at my end but very exciting. In April I was able to attend my first Quest event for L.A.R.P it was exciting as we kitted up in our armour and battled it out for five days. I’ve put a few pictures up throughout this post of the trip I hope you enjoy them (I am second from the left in the silver in the top photo and far left on the end of the battle line in the second photo). The highlights for me was using my bow in sieges to harry the defenders, I also had a tremendous time fighting in the breach as we destroyed the castle gates and attempted to storm the fort (it ended poorly, but was glorious).

On a writing front I’m proud to say that I have completed my novella “Rise of The Mercenary King” based on a few of my LARP adventures. It’s available now and completely FREE at Smashwords. Just my way of saying thank you for all your support. So spread the word and share it around.

I’ve reorganised my schedule a fair bit recently to help me get more quality writing time so I am making great progress on the sequel to ‘A Coronation of Kings’. I have been really happy with it thus far and think you will be too. I’ll share little snippets of it over the coming months so check in to the blog for the chance to see these first!

I am building my Advance Readers team who will have the first chance to read any of my completed work. If you have an interest in doing that ensure you are on my mailing list as thats where I will be compiling the team from.

12973324_1036727443040425_1490277465965381626_oLast but not least ‘A Coronation of Kings’ went free on this month which has been great. It may not be free in other regions yet please ask them to price match if you have an issue.

Now that it is FREE it’s super easy to leave me a review on Amazon and it really helps me as an author if you do. So if you have 2-3 minutes please pop onto the link above grab your Amazon copy (for free) and let others know what you thought!

Thanks everyone you are amazing!

As always feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions.

Kindest Regards


  • Todd Henderson

    Hey Sam – I just finished reading “A Coronation of Kings” and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. I ‘m excited to see that the sequel is in the works and can’t wait to see it. I’ve downloaded “Rise of the Mercenary King”, and while I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, I’m looking forward to getting started. I have a good friend named James Pratt who also has quite a few short stories on Smashwords. On several occasions he has asked that I proofread some of his works and it has sort of become second nature for me. At the risk of insulting you, I wanted to let you know that I made note of a few typos while reading “A Coronation of Kings”. If you would like to give it a slightly more “polished” look I can share those notes with you so that you can make corrections. If you would prefer that I keep my opinions to myself please feel free to tell me so. Lol. Once again, I look forward to reading more of your work.

    – Todd Henderson


      Hi Todd – Not an insult at all I’d very much like to look at those notes. Anything i can do to improve the experience for my readers is something I will jump at! I’ll email you directly.

      Kind Regards

      Samuel Stokes

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