MMMM – Chapter 3 July 2016

Welcome back to another edition of MMMM (Mad Musings of a Medieval Mind). It has been an exciting few weeks with a whole lot of news to share. I don’t think I have ever been this busy in June in my entire life. Fortunately among all the motion there has been progress as well. On a writing front things are going well, When the Gods War is progressing quickly. At present I would estimate it is probably 1/3 complete. I think it will launch late in August or early in September at this point. I’m very excited about it as I know it is my best work to date. Ensure you are in my reader team as I will be sharing snippets from it over the coming months (you can join my reader team here doing so gets you a tonne of free books etc).

Map of Valaar - Low size, no borderI have also commissioned a map of Valaar to accompany A Coronation of Kings and updated all previous versions to include it (you can see it in all it’s glory here). If you have a previous PDF version of ‘A Coronation of Kings’ you can update it via these links (Amazon for Kindle, Smashwords for other formats) for FREE so that you have access to all the updates that have been made! The map was created by the talented Chris Callaghan.

I had always wanted to include a map and hope it adds to your experience as you enjoy my work.Over time I plan to add a few other visual aids to the book for action packed sequences such as the siege at King’s Court to help bring those scenes to life.

All in all it’s been an exciting month to be an author. I appreciate all the great feedback I’ve received and I hope you can see how important your suggestions are as I listen to and implement them.

If you have read and enjoyed A Coronation of Kings, please take a moment to leave a positive review at Amazon . Amazon only permits you to review items you ‘own’ but I have set the book to free on the US Amazon store. So you can easily grab your copy and leave a review. If you picked up the book at another retailer please leave a review there. This is the single greatest thing you can do to help me as an author!

DodgebowPeople often ask me what else I enjoy doing. Some of you may recall me mentioning that I was starting a sports business. This week Dodgebow (our archery sports business) turned 1 year old! Here is a photo of me at one of our recent events. It’s been a fun year with a lot of great experiences. I’ve really enjoyed getting to meet some amazing new friends!

Last but not least our little girl is almost six months old so we decided it would be a great time to get some family photos done. Hiedie picked a great spot near our home where there is an abandoned railway line running through the country, or at least part of it, it no longer connects to anywhere (yes I had to check, my inner scaredy cat wouldn’t allow me to  lounge about on a set of active railway lines). 🙂 Below is one of my favourite shots from the photo shoot.

That is all from me this month folks. I hope you are having a great month.

Kind Regards

Samuel Stokes

IMG_6249 - Version 2

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