MMMM – Mad Musings of a Medieval Mind Part 1 – March 2016

MMMM – Mad Musings of a Medieval Mind – Part 1 – March 2016

Welcome everyone to the first ever MMMM (yes I did pick that title because of its similarity to the noise we make when we are enjoying great food, 🙂 I like my food). I’ve started MMMM in the hopes that it will be easier to share with you everything that is going on! This way you can find out not only what’s going on with my writing but some of the other projects I am tackling in my life.

Sooooo it’s been a few months since A Coronation of Kings was launched and it has sold several hundred copies which I am really thrilled with (thank you for reading, reviewing and sharing it, I REALLY appreciate it).  I have also given a thousand away in promotions to share my work with other avid fantasy readers.

I am currently working on the next book in the series. Where ‘A Coronation of Kings’ took place in a relatively small area of space its sequel will introduce you to a great deal more of the world in which Tristan and Syrion live. It will be a much larger scale endeavour with far more plotlines and characters than its predecessor, so get excited!

I am also working on a novella in a different world. Many of you know that I LARP (Live Action Role Play) which is incredibly fun. What budding author wouldn’t want to experience Fantasy Realms first hand? LARP gives me that chance. I have begun writing a novella that details the character I play along with some of the themes of the LARP group in which I participate. This Novella will be available for FREE by the end of March. It’s going to be good. Then it will be full steam ahead on the sequel for A Coronation of Kings (yes I’m still working on titles 🙂 )….

Cece2Well when I say full steam ahead it will be a little distracted. In January my first child was born. A wonderful little angel named Cecelia (Cece for short). New parenthood has been a delightful but challenging time as Hiedie and I adapt to this exciting new change in our life. The last 8 weeks have been a genuine adventure as we attempt to master an ever changing sleep schedule, exploding nappies and the other assorted shenanigans that have come into our lives. It’s been a blast, but it has distracted me from writing just a little 🙂 (she’s adorable and it’s very distracting).


The next few months will see a lot of exciting things; A Novella, A Sequel, Quest (4 day LARP event in Melbourne) and a host of delightful Cece related shenanigans so tune in here (yes I promise this website will get some TLC, it’s a work in progress) and on our Facebook page.

Be in touch soon!


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