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A Kingdom Divided Boxset

A Kingdom Divided is an action-packed fantasy adventure from S.C. Stokes.

It comprises the titles A Coronation of Kings, When The Gods War, and A Kingdom in Chaos.

With three epic books and over a quarter of a million words jam-packed with action, sorcery, dragons, heroism, and treachery. A Kingdom Divided will suck you in and not let you go!

With hundreds of reviews across these titles, take a quick look at what readers have to say:

“I have to hold my breath to see what is happening in the next chapter. Remarkable talent.” – Karl H. Schneider

“Stokes has produced another exciting, readable, and engrossing fantasy adventure that expands his universe and entertains his readers. Tristan and his family are pitted against historic enemies on their world while a new, more ancient danger emerges. Everything you expect from Stokes is here – intrigue, dragons, fantastic battles, honor, glory, deception, loyalty, heroism, and betrayal. You won’t want to put this down…” – Chem Prof

Grab your copy and enter this new world today! Buy it now at:   AMAZON  (Available in KU as well!)



A Coronation of Kings

Tyranny. Desperation. Rebellion.

While Tristan may be the heir to the House of Listar, at heart he’s more a lad than a lord.

Mad with power, the ruthless and scheming Baron of Belnair will stop at nothing to gain the crown. In the dead of night, the Baron massacres Tristan’s family and burns their home to the ground. Desperate and alone, Tristan must fight for his life and his people.

With everything at stake, Tristan must unite the unlikeliest of allies to block the Baron’s ascent. For the first time in his life, he must become the leader he was born to be.

The Baron’s armies grow as an ancient magic stirs in the mountains. If Tristan fails, the throne, his freedom, and the love of his life will be lost forever.

A Coronation of Kings is the first book in this exciting new fantasy series. If you like fast-paced adventures, spellbinding sorcery, and wondrous new worlds, you will love Samuel Stokes’ A Coronation of Kings.

Grab your copy and enter this exhilarating new world today! Buy it now at:   AMAZON  (Available in  Kindle Unlimited as well!)


When The Gods War

Drought. Desperation. Deliverance.

Yaneera is the youngest Empress in the history of Andara. With her land in turmoil, she must use her wit and cunning just to stay alive. Severe drought has brought with it famine, starvation, and death. As her people waver on the verge of open rebellion, Yaneera must deliver them or perish at their hand.

Andara’s struggles have not gone unnoticed. Neighboring kingdoms stand ready to deliver the killing blow.

As chaos erupts across the land a stranger appears in the Empress’ court. Preaching the presence of a new God, Mythos, the newcomer promises deliverance for Yaneera and her people.

Mythos power is not without price, and Yaneera soon finds herself facing a crisis of conscience. . .

Will she sell her soul to save her people?

If you enjoy action-packed adventure and frantic fantasy you will love S.C. Stokes’ When The Gods War. Grab your copy and enter this exciting new world today.

When the Gods War is the exciting sequel to A Coronation of Kings. It can be read as a stand-alone novel or as book two in the Chronicles of Meldinar Series.

Grab your copy and enter this exhilarating new world today! Buy it now at:   AMAZON (Available in  Kindle Unlimited as well!)


A Kingdom in Chaos

What is one life worth?

Since being crowned King of Valaar, Tristan Listar has known peace, until now. . .

A savage assault leaves King’s Court devastated. In the wake of the attack, Tristan finds his wife grievously wounded and discovers that his son, the crown prince, is nowhere to be found.

Out of the chaos, an old enemy returns offering a truly macabre proposal. Tristan’s life in exchange for the life of the crown prince. Tristan would give anything to save his son, but placing his Kingdom into the hands of a murderous tyrant is a bitter price to pay.

Caught between devotion to his son and a duty to his people, Tristan must take up his sword once more.

With his world collapsing and his wife at death’s door, can Tristan save his son and his people?

A Kingdom in Chaos is the third installment in S.C. Stokes’ A Kingdom Divided series. It can be read on its own or as part of the series.

If you enjoy action packed fantasy adventures, don’t miss A Kingdom in Chaos. Pick up your copy today!

Grab your copy and enter this exhilarating new world today! Buy it now at:   AMAZON (Available in  Kindle Unlimited as well!)


Rise of the Mercenary King

Tyranny. Desperation. Rebellion.

When tragedy threatens to claim the lives of those he holds dear, Tyrion Nelvar finds himself fighting for his very life.

Half-elf, half-man, all warrior. The young adventurer must bring every skill he has to bear if he is to rise above the chaos and conflict that plague the land of Vantacor.

This action packed novella will keep you on your toes from the first page till the last.

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