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11145005_1036730349706801_3724618856808508109_oMany people love to read a great fantasy book. I love to live it! When I am not glued to my keyboard busily writing my next book, I can be found clad head to foot in armor, LARPing like a mad
man. For those not familiar with the notion, LARP stands for Live Action Role Play where people get in costume and armor and fight over real-life battlefields. It’s action packed and amazing, which is exactly how I like to write.

In my work you will find yourself submerged in thrilling new fantasy worlds. Each coursing with conflict that transpires at an incredible pace. I draw on experiences from my life and time spent living in Australia, the U.S.A, and Japan to enrich the narrative of my books and provide you a taste of familiarity, as you plunge headlong into a scintillating new world.

If you enjoy my work, and I very much hope you will. Please take the time to connect with me via Amazon, Facebook or my website ( I’d love to hear what you have to say.

  • James B Selby

    I loved your book. I grew up reading Burroughs and other early writers. You have brought to life a great story. I very much look forward to the next.


      Thanks James. I’m very glad you enjoyed it. I’m working away on the sequel and I’m getting pretty excited about it. Looking forward to sharing it with you in due course!

  • Troy Panui

    Awesome read, couldn’t put it down. So glad the sequel is available. Can you please finish to next book now? Thank you Sam haven’t enjoyed a good fantasy adventure book that’s action filled and easy to read. Just found another favorite author…


      Thanks Troy. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      Working away on Book 3 now :). Probably looking around August for its release date.

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